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President Áder to serve another five years?

December 20th, 2016

A left-wing columnist believes that as the President’s term in office expires next year, both he and the Prime Minister may change their minds and opt for extending his stay in Buda’s Sándor Palace.

In Népszava, Tibor Várkonyi thinks President János Áder will probably serve another five years, his term will run out within a few months with no potential successor on the horizon. He recalls that originally Mr Áder only accepted the nomination for a single term, but is apparently now pondering staying in office for another. On the other hand, the Prime Minister is believed to have been looking for a successor for at least a year, and the Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog was for months thought to be his choice. Várkonyi thinks however that his potential candidacy was not received favourably by the Catholic Church, since Mr Balog is a Calvinist pastor (Mr Orbán is a Calvinist himself). At present, the veteran left-wing commentator suggests, the most plausible forecast is that János Áder will remain as Hungary’s President until 2023.

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