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Will student protests regain momentum?

Commentators wonder if after their surprising success late last year, students protesting new austerity measures will be strong enough to keep the government at bay during the spring.

Reactions to student protests

Columnists across the political spectrum deem the higher education reform announced last week improvised and drastic and believe that it will undermine the government’s credibility.

Weeklies on student demonstrators

Opposition-leaning columnists vituperate against the government, whom they accuse of ruining the system of public education while lavishing praise on the few hundred students who have staged demonstrations to express their dissatisfaction. A pro-government analyst finds it shameful for the opposition ‘to send students to the frontline’ to provoke the ...

Protesters clash with police in front of PM’s office

After a group of young people were pepper-sprayed by police in front of the Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday night, news outlets disagree on the nature of the protest.

Teachers protest after eight more fired

As hundreds of teachers went on strike in protest against the government’s decision to dismiss eight more teachers for participating in the action, a left-wing commentator accuses the authorities of trying to intimidate their critics. The main pro-government daily remarks that a key figure in the protest is known for ...

Opposition protests against Fudan university

Commentators express strongly opposing views about the planned Chinese university campus in Budapest, and its implications.

Students occupy Theatre and Film University

A pro-government commentator accuses students occupying the Theatre and Film University of political bias. A left-wing pundit calls for dialogue.

Are the protests fading out?

Pro-government outlets think the protest sparked by the law allowing 400 hours of overtime work per year is running out of steam. Left-liberal authors point out that rallies were held throughout Hungary on Saturday.

High school students demonstrate for education reforms

A student in the leading pro-government daily claims that high school students who demand the reform of the education system have no credible ideas and serve the interest of the opposition parties. A left-wing columnist, on the other hand, finds the students’ demands legitimate and reasonable.

Weeklies on teachers’ protest

Left-wing and liberal weeklies accuse the government of destroying the education system. A pro-government commentator, on the other hand, speculates that the opposition parties are orchestrating the teachers’ protests in the hope that they can bring down the Orbán government, if another flow of migrants reaches Hungary in the spring.