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Reding accused of plotting against Hungary

A left-wing commentator dismisses a report in the leading pro-government daily about an alleged EU-scheme to question the legitimacy of the 2014 election, as a classical conspiracy theory. A conservative pundit, on the other hand, suggests that whatever was actually discussed, meetings of top European politicians and the business elite ...

Hungary at odds with EU mainstream

A left-wing commentator thinks pro-government critics of European leaders are simply impolite and un-European. A conservative columnist, on the other hand, feels that Hungary has been singled out for unfair treatment in western Europe. The two articles reflect a hundred year old divide that splits “progressives” and “conservatives”, those looking for ...

Juncker elected EC Chairman

Left-wing commentators suggest that PM Orbán’s opposition to Mr Juncker’s candidacy was futile, while a leading Christian Democrat hopes that despite signs to the contrary, Juncker will choose the path of renewal and save the European Union.

EU accused of double standards over judges’ retirement age

A pro-government commentator trumpets the fact that Italian PM Renzi’s decision to lower the retirement age for judges has not been criticized as undemocratic by the European media and the EU, while a similar decision by Viktor Orbán three years ago provoked a harsh rebuke.

Bajnai and Bilderberg – the plot thickens

A liberal weekly calls recent accusations by right-wing pundits against the Bilderberg Group conspiracy theories, while a pro-government commentator thinks the invitation to Gordon Bajnai this year may signal an intention to interfere in Hungarian domestic politics.

Juncker’s candidacy opposed by PM Orbán

Conservative pundits believe the Prime Minister is now bereft of significant opponents at home as a result of two consecutive elections, and is therefore seeking new battlefields at the European level. This explains, they suggest, why Mr Orbán was the first front-line EU leader to openly defy Jean-Claude Juncker’s nomination ...

Reactions to the Tavares report

Left-wing pundits contend that the government is trying to downplay external criticism by labeling its adversaries as biased left-wing partisans. They also hint that as a result of the looming elections in the EU and Hungary, the debates between the country and the EU institutions will probably intensify.

Right-of-centre commentators on the NSA scandal

Two leading columnists of pro-government dailies find it absurd that the US should take the high ground and lecture Hungary on human rights and the rule of law, while it spies on its own citizens.

Government facing floods, EU criticism and opposition

Commentators don’t refrain from political remarks while tens of thousands of volunteers, leading politicians among them, help professionals build temporary defences against the highest water levels the Danube has seen.

PM Orbán’s speech at the World Jewish Congress

A left-wing columnist finds PM Orbán's speech at the World Jewish Congress too timid. He believes while the PM condemns anti-Semitism, at the same time he is trying to secure the support of far-right voters by reviving the cult of the anti-Semitic interwar era.