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Gyurcsány denounces ‘MSZP declaration of war’

As the leaders of the two main left-wing parties exchange blows, analysts and pundits across the political spectrum assess the chances of the Left at the 2018 election.

Leader leaves teachers’ protest movement

A left-wing analyst blames the opposition for being unable to capitalise on protest movements in different sectors of the economy.

Teachers’ protest movement may run out of steam

Ahead of next Wednesday’s (20 April) national teacher’s strike, Népszabadság worries that ordinary people are increasingly baffled by the protests which follow one another in rapid succession. Magyar Nemzet agrees, while Magyar Idők claims people are fed up with the movement.

‘Political aspirations’ suspected behind teachers’ protests

Right-wing dailies warn of political goals behind teachers’ protests and urge a purely professional stance on educational issues.

Wild strike not supported by Trade Unions

A liberal commentator excoriates the Trade Union confederations which cautioned against illegal strikes in protest against government policies.

March 15 protest – a beginning or the end?

Commentators disagree on whether the demand that the PM and the President should apologise ‘for the past six years’ will help the teachers’ protest movement turn into a political force or signals the end of it all.

March 15 Speeches

Left-wing commentators lambast the Prime Minister for his anti-Brussels speech on the anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution, while their pro-government counterparts dismiss as absurd the demands put forward by the main speaker of a protest rally on the same day.