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Pro-government ‘Peace March’ on national holiday

A prominent pro-government columnist explains that he and his friends have called for a pro-government demonstration in order to save Hungary from the opposition and the threat they believe it represents to national identity.

Peace marchers intend to put hope into pro-government side

One of the organisers of the pro-government march planned for March 15 thinks many supporters of the government have been discouraged and need a show of force to regain their self-confidence.

New ’Peace March’ scheduled for March 15

As leading government supporters announce a mass walk in Budapest for the anniversary of the 1848 revolution, a critic of the government thinks Fidesz cannot simply trash its anti-Soros campaign, although it realises its drawbacks.

The end of the ‘Peace Marches’?

Gábor Bencsik, the younger of the Bencsik brothers, defends András Bencsik’s statement that a pro-government ’Peace March’ could not be organised nowadays, because people are disappointed with the Fidesz government. He calls on the government to listen to friendly criticism.

Another ’Peace March’ ahead?

One of the organisers of a series of pro-government mass demonstrations says that despite the government’s resistance, another so-called ‘Peace March’ will be held in order to react to recent opposition demonstrations against the planned net tax and to show that the majority is on the government’s side.

Peace March Organizer defends Nuclear Pact

A pro-government columnist claims that the pro-opposition media is distorting the message of Peace March organizers, because their planned rally is not about the expansion of the Paks Nuclear plant but about support for the government and a foreign policy that looks for balance between the great regional powers.

March 15 celebrations as campaign events

A pro-government and a left-wing columnist comment on the 15 March celebrations. Both express confidence in the victory of their own camp in the coming election.

March 15 national holiday in the shadow of the Ukraine war

A conservative and a left-wing commentator reflect on Hungary’s 1848 revolution and war of independence in the light of the Ukraine war.

March 15 kicks off the electoral campaign

Commentators continue to analyse the Prime Minister’s speech on the anniversary of the 1848 revolution, and the chances of the fragmented opposition in the forthcoming parliamentary election.

The Szeklers’ Great March for Autonomy

Magyar Hírlap believes that sooner or later the Szekler people are bound to achieve territorial autonomy within Romania. Népszabadság condemns sympathisers who chanted revisionist slogans in front of the Romanian embassy in Budapest.