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The end of the ‘Peace Marches’?

April 22nd, 2015

Gábor Bencsik, the younger of the Bencsik brothers, defends András Bencsik’s statement that a pro-government ’Peace March’ could not be organised nowadays, because people are disappointed with the Fidesz government. He calls on the government to listen to friendly criticism.

On Mandiner, Gábor Bencsik, the publisher of Demokrata, the weekly edited by his brother, argues that the supporters of the government ‘cannot be herded onto the streets’ like sheep, whenever the Peace March organisers want to rally them.    He disputes the viewpoint of Peace March organiser László Csizmadia who told Népszabadság that Peace Marches could well be organised in future, and if they are not, it is because they are “not meant to be a show of force”. Csizmadia was reacting to last week’s Demokrata editorial by András Bencsik,  who wrote that the government’s supporters feel disappointed because of the presence of ‘young dandies’ in and around the government. The younger Bencsik warns those in government to listen to those who openly tell them what is wrong, rather than those who uncritically try to please them.


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