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Facebook blocks pro-government media sites

An alt-left commentator condemns the decision of Facebook to suspend the sites of the Mediaworks media group.

PM Orbán’s Christmas interview trolled

A commentator at Magyar Nemzet views the unprecedented prank as the result of what he calls the government’s efforts to force the media into submission. A left-wing columnist finds it unethical that someone at a local daily adulterated PM Orbán’s Christmas interview.

Analyses on the closing of Népszabadság

A liberal pundit lambasts the MSZP for its role in the fate of the number one left-wing daily, while a centrist analyst rejects the view that what has happened heralds the end of press freedom in Hungary.

Népszabadság shuts down

On Saturday, the management of Népszabadság suspended all operations of Hungary’s leading left-wing daily. A left-wing columnist accuses the government of  being behind the owners’ decision, while pro-government commentators accept their explanation that they wanted to cut losses.

Index and Népszabadság for sale?

Widespread rumours that Lajos Simicska will buy Index and that a pro-government consortium plans to take over the main left-wing daily prompt a right-wing analyst to suggest that Index will be put at the service of Jobbik.