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Viktor Orbán’s debt-saving package

Left-wing commentators accuse Orbán of sending an anti-market message with the six point plan outlined in Parliament on Monday. A pro-government pundit acknowledges the risks of such an unorthodox strategy, but finds the proposals fair and reasonable.

Punishment: a condition of public trust?

It is little wonder that the Hungarian Socialists are in decline, writes the editor-in-chief of Heti Válasz, Gábor Borókai, given the short-sighted policies of their  leaders since the late 1990s. His commentary comes in response to a statement by former MSZP president Ms Ildikó Lendvai and as a contribution to ...

Who is to pay for the debt?

Commentators in Hungary are still arguing on the Parliamentary majority's plan to find a way to sue politicians responsible for the country's indebtedness. In the mainstream press there is full consensus on the impossibility of retroactive legislation, but left and right wing commentators disagree on all the rest.

Seeking legal punishment for the debt

The latest left-right controversy has been sparked by an initiative of the Parliamentary majority to find ways to sue those politicians responsible for Hungary’s deep indebtedness. Left wing commentators believe that political mistakes cannot be criminalised in a democracy.

Who is to blame for the public debt?

Prime Ministers of the past thirteen years each blame the increase in the debt on one another. But why is it important in the first place to investigate who is responsible, if all of them acknowledge that the high debt level is a serious problem? A conservative blogger wonders.