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Former Jobbik leader doubts that Gyöngyösi can resuscitate party

The founder of the originally radical right-wing party finds it highly improbable that his fourth successor at the helm of Jobbik can turn his battered organisation into a successful moderate conservative political force.

Jobbik breaks with left-liberal parties

A left-wing columnist wonders how Fidesz can be voted out of office if opposition parties don’t form an electoral alliance.

Navracsics hopes to rescue Erasmus and Horizon

Based on insider sources, a news report suggests the controversy over EU-financed academic exchange programmes will be overcome by next spring.

Endgame within Jobbik?

As the recently deposed chairman of Jobbik leaves his party and announces he is setting up a new one, a pro-government pundit rejoices at the sight of what he calls an increasingly unserious and fragmented opposition.

Jobbik proposes referendum to keep Hungary in the EU

While most parties reject the idea of a referendum on Hungary’s EU membership, a left-wing commentator deems it useful.

Left accused of teaming up with Nazis

The leading pro-government daily devotes two comments in as many issues to accuse the left of condoning pro-Nazi behaviour in its bid for power two weeks before the general election.

Fidesz votes deemed crucial in electing von der Leyen

In their first comments on the election of the new President of the European Commission, commentators on both sided of the political divide remark that Ursula von der Leyen would have lost Tuesday’s vote had she not been supported by the 13 Fidesz MEPs.

Left-Jobbik alliance under fire

As PM Orbán and the President of the World Jewish Congress express mutual dismay over the prospect of an electoral alliance between the left-liberal side and Jobbik, commentators reassess the chances of that co-operation.

“Anti-Zionist” rally on the eve of the World Jewish Congress

A left wing commentator welcomes the Prime Minister’s attempts to prevent anti-Semitic demonstrations, although he would prefer clear-cut legislation to ban racist rallies in general. A right-wing columnist believes the Left needs the danger of racism in order to present itself as the only bulwark against barbarism.

Multilateral cooperation urged against anti-Gypsy radicalism

The leading left-wing daily calls on the mainstream moderate parties to work out strategic welfare plans to lift the Roma out of poverty, and by implication, take the wind out of the sails of the radical right-wing Jobbik.