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Row over electoral law amendments

A pro-government columnist finds opposition criticism of the amendments proposed to the electoral law groundless and even absurd, arguing that the proposal targeting tiny pseudo-parties. A liberal commentator agrees that the proposed changes are not all unfavourable for the opposition, but nonetheless deems it problematic that the government tables such ...

Further amendments to the Electoral Law

Liberal and left-wing commentators contend that Fidesz wants to entrench itself in power by adding new elements to the Electoral Law. Even some conservative columnists find the bill controversial.

Reaction to US concern over Hungary’s Sovereignty Protection Law

In a first reaction, a commentator finds the statement by the US State Department hostile.

Weeklies on the opposition a full month after its electoral defeat

Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum suggest that the weaknesses which sealed the opposition’s fate during the elections have further deepened over the past weeks.

Ruthless electoral campaign predicted

A liberal pundit looks into the key determinants of the April election. He suspects that the election will hinge on either the government’s or the opposition’s ability to vilify each other.

Leftist icon cautions against hatred in electoral campaign

An iconic leftist philosopher warns opposition politicians that hateful campaign messages do not make those who use them any better than their opponents - and only produce havoc and injustice.

Conservative lawyer opposes ’constitutional revolution’

One of the protagonists of the 1989/1990 regime change dismisses the idea, put forward by several opposition-leaning intellectuals, that if the opposition wins the elections next year, the new parliament can simply scrap the Fundamental Law, even without the required two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Opposition discusses chances of electoral victory

The editor-in-chief of a left-wing weekly promises impartial coverage of the upcoming opposition primaries, while a close associate of Budapest Mayor and potential opposition frontrunner Gergely Karácsony ponders the possibility of rolling back pivotal legislation carried through by Viktor Orbán's cabinet. Finally, a political scientist ruminates on the distribution of ...

Electoral system works, sociologist says

A veteran sociologist believes the government can be defeated by the united opposition. The question is whether the challengers can prove that they are fit to govern.

Activists demand electoral reform

A liberal author compares the new movement demanding electoral reform to the Momentum movement supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Great Britain.