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Gyurcsány meets western ambassadors

A pro-government commentator condemns Ferenc Gyurcsány for asking the EU to partially freeze financial assistance to Hungary. He also thinks that earlier diplomatic intervention on Gyurcsány’s behalf casts doubts on the sincerity of American anticorruption moves.

Gyurcsány cleared of casino real estate corruption charges

Commentators agree that in a dictatorship the charges levelled against former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány would not have been dropped. With just one exception: his long-term aide believes the real reason is PM Orbán’s weakening position.

Gyurcsány faces the Öszöd anniversary

On the fifth anniversary of the leaking of his infamous Őszöd speech, right wing commentators believe there are plenty of reasons to put former Socialist premier Ferenc Gyurcsány behind bars, while a left-liberal pundit suggests the case sets a dangerous precedent.

Former premier in the dock

Left-wing commentators accuse the chief prosecutor of acting on government orders, by   launching an investigation into former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány. They suspect that the aim of the exercise is to terrorize the opposition, and divert attention from severe economic problems which the government is unable to solve. Pro-government journalists depict ...

WikiLeaks scandal touches Hungarian PM

A debate has erupted in the Hungarian media after it was revealed that PM Viktor Orbán told American diplomats in 2006 (while in opposition) that his campaign promises should be “ignored”. The right wing press believes that the case has been  blown out of all proportion by the left wing ...

Ex PM under investigation

“Viktor Orbán has lost his marbles”, according to Zsolt Gréczy, an aid to former Socialist Premier Ferenc Gyurcsány. In his blog on Stop.hu he accuses the Prime Minister of having instructed the Chief Prosecutor to ask Parliament to suspend Mr Gyurcsány’s immunity.