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Was Közgép’s ad an attempt to bribe Népszava?

Leading Socialist politicians condemn Népszava for printing a full page advertisement by Közgép, a construction company widely believed to be the backbone of a Fidesz-friendly business empire. The editor-in-chief asks why it is necessary to throw away money that helps keep the daily afloat.

Népszava to survive but resized

The editor in chief is confident that he will not be compelled to close down Hungary’s oldest daily newspaper, but will probably be compelled to downsize it.

Is the “Orbán régime” here to stay until 2022?

In their analyses on the causes of the defeat of the Left at the elections on 6th April, commentators across the political spectrum believe that there will be no left-wing alternative to the incumbent government until the far reaching lessons of two consecutive electoral catastrophes are learned. Opinions differ, however ...

Post-Christmas ruminations on poverty

Left-wing columnists accuse the government of ignoring growing poverty. Their pro-government counterpart believes that the opposition is trying to politically exploit the poor, having done nothing to improve their lot while they were in government.

Disappointment following a postponed teachers’ pay raise

Left-of-centre, centrist and pro-government commentators are all appalled by the sudden move announced as part of a 400 billion HUF fiscal package

LMP protesting against “oligarchs”

In a comment on the LMP’s protest action against what they consider the government’s clientelism and corruption, one left-wing commentator criticizes the party for what he considers an ineffective theatrical performance. The leading left-wing daily, on the other hand, contends that the LMP managed to make its point, while a ...