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Radical right-wing demonstration in Budapest

As the radical right-wing Our Homeland Movement calls a rally to protest against what they define as ‘Gypsy crime’, a pro-government and an alt-left commentator offer diametrically opposed views on the causes of racial segregation.

Curia upholds compensation for segregated Roma

Pro-government commentators scorn the Curia (the Hungarian Supreme Court) for upholding the cash compensation for the mostly Roma children who were taught in separate classrooms in the municipality of Gyöngyöspata in northern Hungary. A left-wing philosopher welcomes the decision which he interprets as a victory in the battle against racism.

Debate over compensation for inmates and Roma rolls on

Weeklies and weekend editions of dailies right across the political spectrum discuss the implications of the government’s plans to suspend payment of compensation for  inmates who have won court cases for overcrowding and Roma children taught in segregated classrooms. Each side accuses the other of inciting hatred and threatening the ...

Weeklies on the Roma school segregation verdict

Left-liberal weeklies are outraged by the Prime Minister’s opinion that ‘something should be done’ about the court sentence which compels the Gyöngyöspata Council to pay compensation to Roma families whose children were segregated at school from 2004 to 2012. Conservative authors suggest that the verdict is doing more harm than ...

Diametrically opposed takes on Roma school segregation ruling

Liberal and left-wing commentators accuse Prime Minister Orbán of racism for publicly criticizing a court ruling granting compensation to Roma families whose children were enrolled in separate classes to non-Roma children. Pro-government columnists agree with the Prime Minister and find the ruling outrageous.

Jobbik politician envisions Roma-Hungarian civil war

A left-wing commentator thinks the government majority is the only beneficiary of the latest far-right scandal. A pro-government columnist, on the other hand, suggests that alarmism is promoted by the radical right and opposition parties alike.

Right-wing complaints against international pressure on Hungary

Right-wing commentators feel that Hungary is being unfairly accused of anti-democratic tendencies and unjustly put under pressure, but a business analyst says it has to comply with the demands put forward by the European Union.

In the scrublands

The leading left wing daily deplores the deepening ethnic segregation in Gyöngyöspata, the Hungarian village which made international headlines earlier this year, due to ethnic conflicts between Roma and non-Roma, and patrols by  extreme right wing paramilitary groups. 

A slip of the tongue

There is little sympathy in the media for the Fidesz MP who boasted that towns and villages which want to succeed in their applications for public funds should be on good terms with him.

Unanimous concern over far right victory

It is high time for mainstream parties to pull themselves together and face the gravity of the racial conflicts in rural Hungary – both right and left-wing commentators conclude from the election of a far right candidate as mayor of Gyöngyöspata, in Northern Hungary.