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2015 – Viktor Orbán’s year

In their assessment of last year’s developments, commentators focus on Prime Minister Orbán’s performance - for better or for worse. They recall that the Prime Minister was identified by more than one international outlet as the 'man of the year’.

Orbán’s foreign policy doctrine in focus

Commenting on the government’s foreign affairs strategy, most left-wing and liberal commentators accuse PM Orbán of selling out to Moscow. Right-wing pundits, on the other hand, defend what they see as the government’s pragmatic and balanced foreign affairs vision. Some moderate analysts castigate mindless exaggerations and ideologically motivated approaches on ...

More on Merkel’s visit

A liberal pundit feels let down by the German Chancellor. She would have expected her to schedule a meeting with critics of the government. A pro-government columnist interprets the Chancellor’s visit as an acknowledgement of the changes Hungary has undergone over the past years.

Waiting for Merkel

As opposition groupings plan to hold demonstrations to welcome Chancellor Merkel in Budapest in February, commentators believe she will concentrate on relations with Russia rather than internal Hungarian affairs.

New US ambassador arrives in Budapest

Commentators on both the Right and Left believe that US-Hungarian diplomatic relations are unlikely to improve significantly once the new US Ambassador Colleen Bell takes up her duties in Budapest.

PM Orbán on curbing immigration

Left-wing commentators join opposition politicians in condemning the Prime Minister for his comments that Hungary will not become a target destination for ‘economic migrants’.  A right-wing blogger reminds them – and the US Chargé d’Affaires – of the Mexico-US border fence erected against illegal immigration.

US Chargé d’Affaires accused of interference

A conservative columnist accuses Andre Goodfriend of openly siding with the anti-Fidesz opposition and interfering in Hungarian internal affairs by attending a foreign policy conference organized by the Democratic Coalition.

Tax authority chief sues US Chargé d’Affaires

A conservative columnist welcomes Ildikó Vida's libel lawsuit against André Goodfriend. A left-wing pundit considers the ongoing Hungarian-US skirmishes harmful.

US Senator McCain’s “neofascist” comment

The leading left-wing daily considersSenator McCain’s apparent description of PM Orbán as a “neofascist dictator” a gross exaggeration. A pro-government commentator believes that Senator McCain’s statements are confused, unfair and motivated by US economic interests.

A right-wing take on the autumn protest movement

A leading pro-government commentator advocates “wisdom” on the part of the government, to prevent the spread of discontent witnessed at recent rallies. Meanwhile he calls the openly critical attitude of the US Chargé d’Affaires “unprecedented”.