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PM Orbán’s Lámfalussy lecture

A pro-government columnist agrees with PM Orbán that after the election of Donald Trump, Hungary will have the chance to put the national interest first. A left-wing commentator doubts that Hungary is on an equal footing with the US.

Left’s Budapest mayoral candidate Falus steps down

Commentators from right across the political spectrum agree that the Left is in complete disarray and chaos, as the left-wing Budapest mayoral candidate resigns and left-wing parties fail to reach an agreement on whether they should back a conservative candidate instead of Falus in the October 12 local election.

Plans to start reopening Hungary

As Prime Minister Orbán announces plans to gradually reopen the country, including schools, as soon as 2.5 million Hungarians have received their first coronavirus vaccination, a fierce and partisan dispute over the government’s strategy to contain the pandemic rolls on.

Coronavirus and vaccination as political battlefields

As the third wave of the pandemic sweeps through Hungary, commentators from across the political divide discuss the government’s strategy and speculate on the possible date of the end of the emergency.

More repercussions of the Borsod by-election

Pundits across the political spectrum ponder the implications of the joint opposition candidate’s defeat in the Borsod 6 district by-election.

No coronavirus cases in Hungary – yet

A former chief sanitary inspector is certain that the first cases of coronavirus in Hungary are only a matter of time.

Hungary’s chances in the shifting global order

Pundits across the political spectrum speculate about Hungary’s role and opportunities in the international order that is emerging after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

More intra-Left conflict ahead

Analysts on the Left debate whether the left-wing parties should or could support Lajos Bokros as candidate for Budapest mayor despite his neoliberal economic ideas. The leading left-wing daily predicts that after the municipal elections, a new round of intra-Left battles will unfold.

Meagre left-wing chances at elections in October

Analysts agree that the municipal elections next month will bring another victory for Fidesz. Left-wing chances of victory are confined to a few municipalities only. Rebuilding the Left seems to be only possible in the long run.

No hope for the Left

A month ahead of the municipal elections, conservative columnists agree that the Left has little chance to avoid another defeat. Among the causes of the Left’s decline they mention that it has become ideologically hollow and lacks able leaders on various levels.