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Gyurcsány’s Öszöd speech video

As Mr Gyurcsány accuses former Socialist leaders of having leaked the infamous speech which led to his fall, a right-wing columnist believes the case has left an indelibly negative stain on Gyurcsány’s image.

Security Service releases files of the Őszöd leak investigation

Left-wing commentators do not find the released documents convincing and suspect that they might serve electoral purposes. Nevertheless, the leading left-wing daily calls on Ferenc Gyurcsány to reveal what he knows about the matter if he wants to clear his name.

Gyurcsány suspected behind Őszöd leak saga

A right-wing commentator contends that renewed speculation about who leaked former PM Gyurcsány's 2006 “lie-speech,” is actually part of Mr Gyurcsány's strategy to blackmail the left-wing opposition and thereby secure himself a place in a future anti-Orbán coalition.

Leading Socialists reject Őszöd leak charge

A leading left wing commentator does not dismiss the story that former Prime Minister Gyurcsány’s 2006 “lie speech” was leaked by three leading MSZP politicians, but thinks that regardless of who it was, the speech itself has left an unhealing wound on Hungary’s left wing. A right-wing columnist suggests the ...

Gyurcsány faces the Öszöd anniversary

On the fifth anniversary of the leaking of his infamous Őszöd speech, right wing commentators believe there are plenty of reasons to put former Socialist premier Ferenc Gyurcsány behind bars, while a left-liberal pundit suggests the case sets a dangerous precedent.

Election campaign in the home stretch

A week ahead of the local elections, corruption and sex scandals dominate the campaign – and serve as leading topics for commentators.

Hungarian government offers refuge to Venezuelan Hungarians

A pro-government columnist welcomes the government’s decision to admit more than 300 Venezuelan individuals with Hungarian ancestry. A left-wing commentator agrees with the decision, but finds it peculiar that humanitarian help should be conditional on ethnic kinship.

George Soros confronts the charges

A left-wing columnist accepts Mr Soros’s claim that the charges levelled against him are untrue and complains about the success of lies in politics. Her pro-government counterpart rejects Mr Soros’s view that PM Orbán is running a mafia-state and calls him a mafioso.

Will Fidesz keep its 2/3 majority?

Left-wing commentators still hope that a crushing Fidesz victory can be prevented. In that case, they suggest, any complaints from the Left about the new election rules will seem more credible. Their right-wing counterparts meanwhile are pulling out all the stops to mobilise their readers for one last push. They ...

Jobbik’s mounting popularity connected to “African” revelations

Népszabadság believes that in reaction to the low moral standards of mainstream political parties, disenchanted voters may turn towards the extreme right.