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Jobbik accuses Orbán of high treason

Commenting on the noisy occupation of the Speaker’s rostrum staged by right-wing radical MPs in Parliament, a pro-government columnist compares Jobbik to the Jacobins who plunged Paris into a spiral of terror during their rule. A centrist analyst predicts a series of similar spectacular acts as the elections get closer.

Marginal opposition is small but heterogeneous

A conservative analyst suggests that the LMP is gathering people with surprisingly disparate opinions, but they have one thing in common: they all risk not making it into the new parliament next year.

Land lease program rigging claims refuted

A pro-government pundit defends a public land lease programme against potentially damaging allegations of tender-rigging.

Fidesz accused of promoting oligarchs

Left-wing commentators claim that the government leases large state-owned fields to its “oligarchs” at a reduced rate, instead of helping local family farms. Centrist analysts believe that the debate will create an opportunity for opposition parties to attract rural voters. A pro-government columnist, on the other hand, finds such left-wing ...