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Memorial Day of the Victims of Communism

In their comments on the annual remembrance day for the victims of communist dictatorship, pro-government commentators accuse the western mainstream of using double standards in judging Nazism and Communism.

Accusations fly over Jobbik’s Russian connections

An op-ed piece in Magyar Idők crticizes remarks made by Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona and cites last week’s Daily Telegraph report on the possible funding of European radical parties by Russia.

EU Parliament lifts Jobbik MEP’s immunity

A left-wing and a pro-government pundit agree that during the investigation into an MEP‘s alleged spying activity for Russia (see BudaPost through May 20, 2014) Jobbik will have to clarify if it is in any way inked to the Russian secret services.

Jobbik MEP’s Russian spy story

Index runs a lengthy fact-finding story to underpin the suspicion that Jobbik’s leading foreign affairs expert is a Russian secret service operative. He denies the charges and has threatened to sue the author and the news site.

Might Jobbik be banned?

A liberal analyst wonders whether Fidesz will ban far-right Jobbik after a prominent politician of the movement was accused of spying for Russia. By banning the far-right party, Fidesz could in the short run increase its own constituency, but it would thereby lose the strategic advantage of claiming the centre ...

Jobbik politician suspected of spying for Russia

As a Jobbik MEP stands accused of being a Russian spy, a left-wing philosopher accuses the government of using the state apparatus - including the secret service - to criminalize the opposition. A pro-government columnist dismisses the left-wing accusations.