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Xi Jinping in Hungary

May 10th, 2024

Commentators agree that the visit of the Chinese leader is an extraordinary event, although with differing undertones.

On the Mandiner website, sinologist Gergely Salát says that Hungary is seen in Beijing as having the most China-friendly policy within the European Union, and this is what the presidential visit is meant to acknowledge. Xi’s first visit to Hungary, as vice-president, Salát adds, was mainly symbolic, while the current presidential trip will also yield ‘enormous practical benefits’.

On 444, Lili Takács writes that the Hungarian government intends to make Hungary the main destination for Chinese investment in the region. Unlike most of the European Union, she explains, Hungary does not see China as a risk or a threat. On the contrary, it has become China’s most vocal friend within the EU.

On Magyar Hang’s website, Csaba Lukács finds it a peculiar coincidence that Hungary should celebrate 9 May, Europe day, with the President of Communist China. He terms even more absurd a long article by President Xi in the pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet where the Chinese leader writes that ’China and Hungary share similar views and hold close positions on international and regional issues’.

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