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Twin-Tail Dog party leader wins local opposition primary

April 17th, 2024

A liberal commentator urges the leader of the Twin Tail Dogs to show that his party is more than just a joke.

Gergely Kovács, the founding leader of the Twin-Tail Dog party has won the opposition primary in the 12th district of Budapest, defeating an independent opponent and the candidate of Momentum, with 61 percent of the votes cast.

On the Heti Világgazdaság website, Mihály Kacskovics believes that the opposition now has an unprecedented opportunity to win the mayoral elections in the 12th district of Budapest, which has been uninterruptedly ruled by the right wing for the past 34 years. As Zoltán Pokorni, the popular Fidesz mayor has announced his retirement, he writes, Gergő Kovács, who as a member of the district assembly has been active in local politics, is well placed to defeat the relatively unknown Fidesz candidate. However, Kacskovics continues, the Twin-Tail Dog party must now convince voters that in addition to being witty and critical of both government and opposition, it also means business when running for the post of mayor on 9 June.