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PM Orbán opens CPAC Hungary No3

April 27th, 2024

A liberal weekly plays down the importance of the international conservative gathering in Budapest, while a right-wing commentator sees it as a significant forum of sovereignist forces.

Budapest hosts the Conservative Political Action Conference for the third time in as many years. In his opening address, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urged sovereignist parties to defeat ‘the progressive spirit’ in the elections for the European Parliament and the US presidential election this year.

The Heti Világgazdaság website characterises the participants as populists and radical right-wingers rather than conservatives. The liberal commentator remarks that Italy’s right-wing governing parties are absent and describes the American participants as representing only the fringe of the Trump camp.

Magyar Nemzet’s László Szőcs, on the other hand, sees the several thousand personalities attending the event as prestigious representatives of the Trumpist camp and of sober Europeans. Sovereignists, he writes, represent the cause of peace against warmongers, and family values against gender ideology.

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