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Government opposes EU migration pact

April 12th, 2024

The pro-government nationwide daily claims that illegal immigration should be stopped instead of being regulated and, thus,  ‘normalised.’

’Hungary rejects in the strongest possible terms the migration and asylum pact’ Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said at a press conference on Monday after the European Parliament passed the Commission’s text with a slim majority. The Hungarian government opposes in particular the mandatory solidarity regulations in the pact that will offer member states three options to manage migration flows: relocate a certain number of asylum seekers to their own territory or pay €20,000 for each claimant they refuse to relocate, or offer operational support to other countries.

In Magyar Nemzet, Levente Sitkei slams the European Union for still actively engaging in managing unlawful immigration, rather than stopping it. Hungary and other countries in the region, he writes, have shown that preventing illegal immigration is possible. Sitkei believes that Europe’s maritime borders could also be effectively protected against clandestine immigrants if the countries concerned made use of available state-of-the-art technologies to do so. What is lacking, he concludes, is the will to create a serious European community with clear rules that must be abided by.

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