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A left-wing critique of the opposition

April 30th, 2024

A socialist political scientist fears that the traditional left is on a slippery slope.

In Népszava, veteran political analyst Attila Ágh lambasts the traditional opposition parties for choosing ‘a road leading nowhere’ in their campaigns. Without mentioning the Democratic Coalition by name, he describes its two initiatives this spring as pathetic. At a time when Fidesz is in disarray over the paedophile pardon scandal and the country’s economic difficulties, he writes, the opposition demanded that the President be elected by plebiscite (instead of by Parliament) and an early parliamentary election, neither of which could have mobilized the electorate. No wonder that a new political initiative was welcomed by masses of Hungarians, he writes, without mentioning Péter Magyar by name either. Unless the opposition renews itself, he concludes, ‘its nightmare story’ of sliding into insignificance will continue until the 2026 parliamentary elections.

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