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Judit Varga describes past domestic harassment by Péter Magyar

March 29th, 2024

A pro-government pundit praises the former Minister of Justice for her accomplishments and her courage, while vituperating against her divorced husband who is trying to build a political movement to challenge his former friends and allies.

In a YouTube video interview with a well-known TV host on Wednesday night, Judit Varga claimed that her 16 years of marriage were punctuated by frequent emotional abuse by Péter Magyar. She called his new political role (see Budapost, March 28) outright treason.

On the Mandiner website, Gábor Megadja commends Ms Varga for her performance as Justice Minister throughout the years of her horrible marriage. He vituperates against left-liberal intellectuals who claim to be supporters of women’s rights, but only when it is not about women belonging to the opposing political camp. Instead, they hype Péter Magyar who turns out to have been ‘a serial perpetrator of domestic psychological terror’, he adds.

On 24.hu, political analyst Gábor Török wonders if the opposition-leaning media will give credence to Ms Varga’s description of her marriage. If they buy her story, he suggests, then Mr Magyar’s political initiative will be in jeopardy. If, on the other hand, they dismiss it, then Mr Magyar’s followers will persist in supporting him.

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