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Fidesz lambasted for not honouring Navalny

March 2nd, 2024

A left-wing columnist believes the governing party will remain isolated in Europe.

Fidesz MPs remained seated in Parliament on Monday when an opposition MP called on fellow deputies to stand and observe a minute of silence to commemorate Alexey Navalny who died in a Russian prison while the House was in recess in February. Prime Minister Orbán told Parliament that his party ‘does not pay its respects to chauvinists.’ He recalled that in 2008, when Russia invaded Georgia, Navalny referred to Georgians as ’rats’.

In Népszava, Tamás Rónay calls the Prime Minister’s reaction ’shameful’ and predicts that it will seal his destiny to remain on his own within the European Union. Rónay mentions that three parties belonging to the Conservatives and Reformists group of the European Parliament have voiced their opposition to Fidesz joining the group. They include Czech Premier Peter Fiala’s ODS party. PM Orbán announced earlier this year that Fidesz intended to join the group, probably after the European elections in June, and conducted talks on the issue with Italian premier Giorgia Meloni who was the leader of the group before she was elected Prime Minister.



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