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EU Summit on help to Ukraine

March 23rd, 2024

As the leaders of EU member countries struggled in Brussels to agree on the kind of help to offer Ukraine, the pro-government print daily dismisses all mainstream approaches to the problem as mistaken.

Magyar Nemzet devotes two columns to the Ukraine issue, and both claim that a leadership change is imperative in the European Union. Bence Apáti believes the EU should promote an immediate ceasefire rather than  fuelling the war. He admits that Russia committed an aggression but doesn’t believe that it can be forced out of Ukraine militarily. Gergely Kiss, on the other hand, points out what he sees as the devastating impact of sanctions on Russia on the European economies, as well as the danger of Ukrainian agricultural produce squeezing out European farmers from their own markets. Both columnists conclude that Europeans will have an opportunity to change course at the European Parliamentary elections in June.

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