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Conflicting comments on the war in Ukraine

March 1st, 2024

A liberal commentator thinks the West and Ukraine should set realistic goals for themselves in the war, while a pro-government columnist criticises President Macron of France who didn’t exclude sending western military personnel to Ukraine.

On Klubrádió, Sándor Szénási warned against the temptation to admit that Ukraine cannot defeat Russia and should therefore give up the territories it has lost. Such an approach, he said, would embolden the aggressor to move even further to the west. On the other hand, he laments the West’s refusal to seriously examine what Ukraine can possibly achieve in the war. Helping Ukraine to achieve that much, he concluded, might deter Russian militarism from further acts of aggression.

In Magyar Nemzet, László Szőcs describes as ‘mad French roulette’ French President Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion that sending western military staff to Ukraine is not to be excluded. He feels relieved by immediate official Polish and German reactions categorically denying any plans for direct western involvement.




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