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Tamás Sulyok elected President of the Republic

February 28th, 2024

A pro-government analyst sees the juridical erudition of the President elected by the parliamentary majority on Monday as a guarantee against mistaken decisions.

On the Mandiner website, political analyst Dániel Deák believes that the election of the new President signals the end of the conflicts of the past few weeks and thus political stability has been restored. He describes Mr Sulyok as a highly authoritative jurist whom even the opposition parties struggled to criticise. Deák welcomes the new President’s promise that he will be perfectly transparent in granting pardons. Mr Sulyok’s career as a lawyer and as President of the Constitutional Court, Deák asserts, will guarantee that the kind of mistakes made by former President Novák who pardoned the helper of a paedophile offender, cannot happen again in the future.

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