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Left-wing comments on the President’s resignation

February 14th, 2024

One day after the first columns were published on the matter, the left-wing nationwide daily devoted four parallel commentaries to the departure of President Katalin Novák and former Justice Minister Judit Varga.

In his Népszava column, Miklós Hargitai lambasts Katalin Novák who in his view resigned in order to cover up the real reason why she pardoned the helper of a man convicted for paedophile offences. But he even more sharply condemns the person he believes is behind her decision and is now hiding behind her.

In the same issue of the same daily, Zoltán Simon dismisses as irrelevant speculation over who was the influential personality who persuaded President Novák to sign the act of pardon. Whether it was former Cabinet Minister of Human Resources and Calvinist Bishop Zoltán Balog or even the Prime Minister himself, he writes, the scandal shows the moral insanity permeating the government side.

In a third Népszava column on the same issue, Miklós Hajdú criticises the constitutional amendment tabled by the Prime Minister to bar paedophile offenders from the possibility of clemency. He understands the move as a PR manoeuvre but argues that the government should not tinker with the constitution.

András Victor rejects an argument by Fidesz floor leader Máté Kocsis who said the opposition has no moral right to try and profit from the case as it refused to vote for the Child Protection Act in 2021. What the bulk of the opposition refused to sign up to, he explains, was putting paedophilia and homosexuality in the same basket.


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