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Tug of war over Budapest public transport continues

January 11th, 2024

A commentator hopes the government and Budapest will find a compromise on financing public transport in and around the capital.

Construction and Transport Minister János Lázár asked the Budapest City Council to accept season tickets issued for trains and long-distance buses on Budapest buses, trams, and underground railway lines. In exchange, he promised that Budapest season tickets will be accepted on railway and intercity bus lines. Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony called the proposal a step forward from the Minister’s earlier position, which would have required Budapest season ticket holders to buy separate tickets for suburban railway lines and a few bus lines operated by government-owned companies.

On the Magyar Hang website, Dávid Lakner believes the system of interchangeable season tickets proposed by the Minister would be advantageous for travellers, as it would enable them to use both city, suburban and intercity lines with the same ticket. He finds it obvious, however, that such a solution would yield less income to the companies involved and fears that Budapest public transport could become unserviceable as a result. He hopes nevertheless that Mayor Karácsony has valid reasons to believe that the proposal made by the Minister will bring the parties closer to a viable solution.



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