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Opposition ‘doomed to lose elections’ for the foreseeable future

January 27th, 2024

A pro-government commentator pinpoints the hubris of urban intellectuals as the main reason why the opposition is no match for Fidesz.

On the Mandiner website, Milán Constantinovits agrees with an alt-left analyst who dismissed as unacceptable earlier disparaging remarks by theatre critic Judit Csáki on rural Fidesz voters, especially the Roma whom she described before the last elections as completely ignorant. That analyst, 444’s Márk Herczeg wrote that the liberal critic helped Fidesz win two thirds of the seats in Parliament in 2022. Constantinovits admits that right-wing commentators also make overly harsh and sometimes even vulgar remarks, but those of Csáki offended masses of people, not just a few. Nevertheless, it is not her views alone, but the whole haughty liberal attitude of urban intellectuals left behind by the defunct Alliance of Free Democrats that alienates much of the electorate, he writes. Another factor he mentions is the figure of DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány. As long as he is the most charismatic personality on the opposition side, Constantinovits suggests, Fidesz can be sure of winning two thirds of the seats in Parliament in each general election.


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