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Liberal MEPs accused of treason

January 23rd, 2024

A pro-government commentator known for his highly opinionated columns vituperates against two Momentum MEPs who criticised the European Commission for releasing a fraction of the funds due to Hungary but withheld over rule-of-law concerns.

On Origo, Dániel Bohár calls MEPs Katalin Cseh and Anna Donáth ’people with alien hearts’, and accuses them of deliberately hurting Hungary’s interests in Brussels. Within the European Parliament, Both Ms Donáth who will return in February from maternity leave as chair of Momentum, and Ms Cseh are members of the liberal group, the most vociferous critic of the Commission for being ‘overly lenient’ towards the Hungarian government. Ms Cseh told reporters that the Commission ’gave in to Viktor’s blackmail’ and accused the Prime Minister of ’using his veto powers on behalf of Vladimir Putin’. Bohár describes the two leading Momentum figures as people who have sold out their Hungarian identity ‘if they ever had one’. He also adds that if they serve alien interests, ‘they do so for money. Very big money.’


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