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Hungarian experts on the war in Ukraine

January 5th, 2024

Observers agree on the danger the shortage of artillery rounds represents for Ukraine.

On Index, Anton Bendarzhevskyy remarks that Russia fires three times more artillery rounds in the war than Ukraine. He adds however that Ukraine uses more state-of-the-art western weaponry, the performance of which is higher than that of the Russian artillery. Nevertheless, he admits that the West is still lagging well behind the quantity of military supplies it promised Ukraine, despite efforts to step up the production of artillery shells.

In Magyar Nemzet, military analyst Bálint Somkuti believes that as things stand at present, Ukraine will not be able to keep fighting beyond 2024. Russia has given up dynamic operations and is conducting a war of attrition, where its superiority in material and human resources will unavoidably grind down Ukraine’s resistance. The West, he suggests, is getting increasingly tired of supporting Ukraine, and even if it manages to increase ammunition shipments, Ukraine will eventually run out of soldiers.


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