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An analysis of Donald Trump’s victory in Iowa

January 19th, 2024

An independent analyst believes that if Trump returns to the White House, Hungary’s relations with the US could improve — but only temporarily

On Portfolio, Dániel Huszák points out that on the eve of his sweeping victory in the Iowa Republican caucuses, Donald Trump called Prime Minister Orbán ‘the most respected man — probably the toughest man in Europe, maybe beyond Europe’. The following day, Mr Orbán posted that Donald Trump had achieved ‘a long expected victory’. Huszák takes it for granted that if Trump becomes President again, the two countries’ relations will improve. Nevertheless, he warns, the extent of that change in bilateral relations will depend on how the balance of power within the Senate will change in November this year and in the midterm elections two years later. Huszák adds that even if Mr Trump becomes President in November, that will be his last term in office. He fears that any long-term agreements Mr Trump and Mr Orbán might reach could be revoked by a future Democrat administration.




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