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A liberal take on 2023

January 3rd, 2024

A liberal commentator chastises the population for withdrawing into their private lives instead of changing the course of events in Hungary.

On the Heti Vilggazdaság website, Iván Zsolt Nagy laments that the year 2023 did not produce any remarkable change in Hungarian life. After the crushing electoral victory of the government side in 2022, he writes, most people resigned themselves to what they saw as the perennial nature of the regime. That reminds him of the early 1970s when communism seemed immutable and perennial to most of the populace. Welcome back to 1974! he exclaims. Nagy concedes however that fifty years ago Hungarians could not leave their country, nor could they ’murmur’ on Facebook or read opposition-leaning newspapers – and that is a huge difference, he admits.


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