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PM’s aide says Hungary is not alone

December 14th, 2023

Political scientist Balázs Orbán MP who serves as political director in the Prime Minister’s office describes Hungary’s strategy as seeking ‘connectivity rather than division into blocks’.

On the Mandiner website, Ron Klein reports Balázs Orbán’s comments at a conference to introduce his second book to the public (the political director is just a namesake of the Prime Minister.) The author told the gathering of colleagues and guests that Hungary belongs to the western community but wouldn’t like it to become a closed block and seeks a balance between East and West. That is precisely why, he added, Hungary gets international attention. A small country the size of Hungary, he explained, is generally ignored in the United States but not Hungary. One side, Balázs Orbán said, hinting at the Biden administration, would like to topple the Hungarian government, while the other (i.e. Trumpian Republicans) see it as an ally and a potential example. Balázs Orbán’s book, Klein remarks, has been recommended to the public by twelve authoritative foreign personalities and the political director interpreted their stance as a sign that Hungary is not alone with her worldview.


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