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Momentum mayors revolt against Anna Donáth

December 1st, 2023

As two of Momentum’s three mayors oppose Donáth’s position not to run in alliance with the Democratic Coalition, a liberal commentator believes the revolt of Momentum against the DK is over.

Although MEP Anna Donáth said she had consulted the presidium of her party before excluding future joint electoral lists with the DK, the Momentum mayor in Baja said such a position would play into Fidesz’s hands. She added that party founder András Fekete-Győr also disagrees with Donáth, as does András Soproni, mayor of Budapest’s 6th district. (For Donáth’s latest diatribe against the DK see BudaPost, November 28.)

On Klubrádió, István Selmeci said only ’non-existent’ voters are interested in Donáth’s plans to run or not to run for seats in Parliament with or without the Democratic Coalition. Real voters are concerned about deteriorating public services and how the opposition would improve them, he said. Selmeci concludes by predicting that Anna Donáth will eventually figure on the joint opposition electoral list in 2026.


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