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Government billboards feature Alex Soros and von der Leyen

November 24th, 2023

A liberal commentator believes Soros Junior is less fit for the role of propaganda scarecrow than his father was.

As the government launched its ‘national consultation’ this week (see BudaPost, November 22), new billboards have appeared throughout Hungary showing Alex Soros and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, inviting Hungarians ‘not to dance to their tune’. Soros’ Open Society Foundations has accused the Hungarian government of launching a campaign ‘deeply tainted with anti-Semitism’. State secretary Zoltán Kovács replied ‘It’s never been about George Soros’s identity as a Jew. It’s about his ideology and his radical activism’.

On the Klubrádió website, Sándor Szénási points out that Hungarian-born Soros Senior has been a well-known figure in the international business world and politics for almost four decades, while the American-born Alex is only known as his son. In addition, the liberal commentator continues, the younger Soros is not even particularly interested in Europe and plans to cancel most of the foundation’s operations there. Szénási suggests therefore that his face is less useful for propaganda purposes than that of his father. Meanwhile, he asks why the original billboards in which Soros junior raises his right hand in a warning gesture, have been replaced with another in which his hand is removed from the picture. That hand, Szénási suspects, must have been copied from another picture, thus creating copyright problems.


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