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An alt-left take on the war between Israel and Hamas

November 4th, 2023

A radical leftist commentator condemns both Hamas and Israel and urges the creation of a Palestinian state with millions of Palestinians allowed to return to Israel.

On Mérce, Kinga Kalocsai acknowledges that on 7 October, Hamas perpetrated heinous crimes against Israeli settlements, but criticises western leaders for siding with Israe. ‘They forgot that (Israeli Prime Minister) Netanyahu is the oppressor while the oppressed are the Palestinians’. Kalocsai thinks Hamas’ attacks do not entitle Israel to wage an ‘all-out war’ in Gaza. She urges Egypt to allow Gazans to seek refuge on its territory, and the world to impose a two-state solution, with 5.9 million Palestinian refugees able to return to Israel (where Arabs would then represent the majority of the population).


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