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Hungary condemns Hamas attack on Israel

October 10th, 2023

As political leaders on both sides assure Israel of their solidarity after the massive terror attacks on its population, commentators paint a gloomy picture of the near future in the region.

President Katalin Novák, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Foreign Minister Péter Szíjjártó as well as opposition leaders, including former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány have all issued statements condemning the indiscriminate killing of civilians by Hamas militants over the weekend. Budapest’s Chain Bridge was lit up in Israel’s white-and-blue colours in support of the Israeli people.

In Magyar Nemzet, Levente Sitkei describes what happened in Israel as a bloodbath and calls the perpetrators ‘bandits’. He sees no solution for the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, as negotiations have repeatedly failed, while violence must inevitably lead to further violence. However, self-defence is a must for Israel, he writes, even if retribution will not bring lasting peace.

On ATV, military expert József Kisbenedek believed that the surprise attack by Hamas on Israel was a huge failure on the part of the Israeli intelligence service. He also found it stunning that there was no substantial military force on alert behind the fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel. He thinks Israel will probably decide to move ground forces into Gaza, in which case he predicts a prolonged war with high casualties.

On Mandiner, pro-government analyst Miklós Szántó describes Hungary as Israel’s closest ally in Europe. He lambasts the international left wing for supporting Palestinian terrorist organisations which are out to destroy Israel and believes that their attitudes have encouraged Hamas. Szántó recalls that President Trump, by contrast, created understanding and peace between influential Arab states and Israel.

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