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A travelogue on PM Orbán’s visit to China

October 28th, 2023

A member of the delegation that accompanied the Prime Minister to China to attend the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative describes her positive impressions there.

On her Látószög blogsite, historian Mária Schmidt offers a detailed account of how considerate the Chinese hosts were towards the Hungarian delegation, adding that ‘it would be advisable to learn some perceptiveness, respect, attention, and courtesy from the Chinese’. As for China’s attitude towards other countries, she writes that China offers partnership to them, without political or ideological conditions – ‘for the moment, at least’. The USA, on the other hand, she continues, also made an attractive offer in the wake of World War Two, namely a free and affluent society. By now, however, its offer consists of blackmail and ideological pressure, Mária Schmidt writes. ‘The Chinese are carrying candies, while the Americans carry a whip’ – which should give some food for thought to those in charge in Washington’, she concludes.

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