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PM Orbán on adversaries who ’want to force us to our knees’

September 22nd, 2023

The only nationwide pro-government print daily publishes excerpts from the Prime Minister’s address to the season-opening assembly of Fidesz MPs in Esztergom on Wednesday. ‘Our opponents want to force us to our knees during the forthcoming year’, Mr Orbán claimed.

Magyar Nemzet quotes the Prime Minister telling his fellow Fidesz MPs that Hungary is ‘the freest country in Europe’ where ‘there is no mass immigration or gender ideology; nor do we send weapons to Ukraine’. This is why, he said, Hungary’s adversaries, namely the current US administration, the Soros empire, the Brussels bureaucracy, and globalists in general ‘want to break us this forthcoming year’. He predicted that such adversaries will launch simultaneous attacks against Hungary’s economic, cultural, and political sovereignty. Thus, he concluded, what will be at stake in next year’s local and European elections is nothing less than Hungary’s sovereignty.

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