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Hungary is in no rush to ratify Sweden’s NATO bid, Pm Orbán says

September 27th, 2023

A pro-government columnist lambasts the opposition for its ’substandard’ reactions to the Prime Minister’s address in the first session of Parliament after the summer recess.

The Prime Minister told the House that he sees no urgency in Sweden’s bid to join NATO, since Sweden’s security is not in jeopardy. Hungary demands respect from Sweden before supporting Sweden’s accession to NATO, he added. He also said the government will bring inflation down below 10 percent this year and will halt the decline in real wages.

In Magyar Nemzet, László Szentesi Zöldi praises the Prime Minister’s address as a collection of factual remarks, while wondering why opposition floor leaders could only reply with empty accusations. As for Sweden, they accused the government of wantonly messing with the Nordic country, while ‘in actual fact, it is they who ceaselessly and groundlessly criticise us’, Szentesi Zöldi writes. All in all, he finds it unsurprising that such an opposition has no chance to be a match for Fidesz in parliamentary elections.

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