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Dobrev promises better governance

September 28th, 2023

In a lengthy article in the nationwide left-wing daily, the shadow premier of the Democratic Coalition outlines her party’s programme for the forthcoming years.

In Népszava, Klára Dobrev describes the incumbent regime as an autocracy and proposes what she calls a social democratic model to replace it. Without mentioning the Prime Minister by name, she accuses Mr Orbán’s government of serving the interests of its acolytes and of unscrupulous multinationals, as well as of siding with China and Russia rather than with Hungary’s western allies. She admits that bankers and big business have too much influence in the West and that ordinary people feel their votes count less and less. However, Dobrev argues, the populist alternative has never managed to keep its electoral promises and she cites Hungary as a case in point. Ms Dobrev, the wife of DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány promises to put forward detailed social democratic policy proposals to solve the country’s problems, over the next few months.

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