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More reactions to PM Orbán’s ’Transit’ speech

August 31st, 2023

A pro-government columnist praises the Prime Minister’s analysis at the Fidesz ’Transit’ festival last Saturday on what makes the right wing so successful. An independent analyst sees DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány’s reaction as a ‘response in kind’.

On 888 Dániel Bohár, who interviewed the Prime Minister on Saturday in front of a crowd of supporters and officials writes Mr Orbán was right to point out that Fidesz draws its strength from representing the national community rather than the individuals, as the Left does. That is what enables Fidesz to create a real community around its project, he adds, while the left-wing parties only try to outdo each other in ‘who hates Orbán more’. That will never enable them to build a real community, he concludes.

On his Facebook page, former left-wing Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, the leader of the Democratic Coalition warns that ‘degenerate deeds produce dirty politics’. Without mentioning the Prime Minister or the Fidesz festival by name, he lambasts a ‘false philosophy’ that speaks about ‘community’ but only in order to explain away a leader’s personal liability.

On Info Radio, Zoltán Novák, a senior analyst at the Méltányosság (Equity) thinktank appreciated Mr Gyurcsány’s effort to emulate Prime Minister Orbán by sending emotionally charged messages to his followers. All other opposition leaders only emit dry, factual communiqués, he said, while Ferenc Gyurcsány tries to speak to the heart of his rank and file, which explains why he is more successful than the rest of the politicians on the opposition side.

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