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Crowd chants ‘dirty Fidesz’ at Budapest rock festival

August 19th, 2023

A liberal commentator appreciates the anti-Orbán performance of the rapper whose fans chanted ‘dirty Fidesz’ at the annual Sziget (Island) festival in Budapest, while pro-government authors take the case as proof that Hungary is a free country.

On hvg.hu, Mihály Kacskovics understands why Krúbi, the rapper, was relegated by the organisers to a side stage. The central stage hosted international stars whose a-political public was ‘incompatible with Krúbi’s anti-government supporters, he suggests. Yet he believes Krúbi is good enough to graduate to the central stage of the festival sooner or later.

Magyar Nemzet quotes a Facebook post by Kristóf Trombitás who admits that Krúbi is a talented performer. However, he continues, by becoming the ‘lapdog’ of the Left, he will lose more and more of his original and easy-going style.

On Mozgástér, Krisztián Lentulai also concedes that Krúbi ‘is good’, but not without adding that he is ‘stupid’. The pro-government commentator writes that he is proud of living in a country where the prime minister can freely be humiliated and blasted in public without any negative consequences.

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