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Actor criticised for expressing shame at being Hungarian

July 29th, 2023

A radical pro-government pundit thinks one must be insane to be ashamed of one’s Hungarian nationality.

On Pesti Srácok, Kristóf Trombitás suggests that anyone who feels ashamed abroad for being Hungarian must be mentally ill. He refers to an interview by actor Zsolt Nagy with Marie Claire Hungary where the interviewee said he felt helpless as he watched his country ‘being robbed and dishonoured’, adding that when he is asked during his trips abroad where he comes from, he feels ashamed. Trombitás retorts that he personally didn’t feel ashamed of being Hungarian in 2007 when Hungary was governed by left-liberals. Nagy as well as other actors who are ashamed of their nationality, he writes, are free to move abroad. The problem is that they are not needed there, he adds.

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