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US Ambassador slams government at Pride Festival

June 20th, 2023

Pro-government authors believe that Ambassador Pressman is biased against Hungary.

In his opening speech at the annual Budapest Pride Festival on Friday last week, Ambassador David Pressman said ‘LGBT people are under attack in countries around the world, including in Hungary’. He also criticised the government’s ‘posters of Brussels bombs’, saying that Hungary is not under attack by outside forces, nor omnipotent conspiratorial powers.

Commenting for Magyar Nemzet on the Ambassador’s remarks on the government’s posters, the Government Information Office said ‘Pro-war politicians attack Hungary because we are pro-peace. They are interested in a prolonged war and want to embroil us into it’.

On Mandiner, Rudolf Oblat lists a series of earlier critical statements by the Ambassador on the government’s policies concerning among other things international sanctions on Russia or the judiciary in Hungary. He remarks that since the very start of his mission, Mr Pressman has played a markedly activist role employing methods far beyond the usual tools of diplomacy.


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