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Momentum takes student demonstrators to Brussels

June 5th, 2023

A pro-government columnist lambasts Momentum MEP Anna Donáth for asking European Commission Vice President Vera Jourová to keep financial transfers to Hungary frozen until the government reforms the system of public education.

MEP Anna Donáth took a group of Hungarian student demonstrators to meet Ms Jourová, who said she was shocked by their experience of clashes with police, who used teargas against them, at a demonstration in front of the Prime Minister’s office. (About that incident see BudaPost, May 29.) Anna Donáth also asked the European Commission to withhold payments to Hungary until teachers’ wages are substantially raised and the system of public education is reformed.

On Mandiner, Dániel Kacsoh remarks that part of the EU transfers would be used to increase teachers’ wages, therefore demanding both those wage hikes and the suspension of EU transfers to Hungary ‘borders on insanity’. He also wonders why Momentum would try and use the European Commission in its struggle against the Hungarian government once this strategy has repeatedly backfired in parliamentary elections. Kacsoh suspects that Momentum leaders must be playing for a small gallery. Rather than winning over the bulk of the population, he writes, Momentum intends to strengthen its own position in the infighting among opposition parties.

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