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Hungary opposes EU budget amendment

June 28th, 2023

A pro-government daily reproduces a Facebook comment by a leading government official criticising the amendments the European Commission has put forward to the budget of the European Union.

On Monday, PM Orbán criticised the budget amendment proposed by the EC regarding migration, stating that the allocated funds are ‘laughable’ and that a ‘serious proposal is needed’. His political director, Cabinet Minister Balázs Orbán (only a namesake of the Prime Minister) added further objections to the proposed EU Budget amendment.

Magyar Hírlap features the full text of a Facebook post by Cabinet Minister Balázs Orbán, who rejects the latest draft amendments to the EU budget as unfit even for discussion.

  1. The Commission proposes spending 50 billion Euros to help Ukraine without specifying how much has been allotted for that purpose so far, since the outbreak of the war.
  2. The draft expects countries to raise their contributions to the budget while funds to Hungary and Poland are being frozen for political reasons.
  3. It plans to spend 15 billion Euros on organising illegal migration instead of halting it.
  4. The planned amendments contain additional funds for the apparatus of the Union which would only serve to further swell the Union bureaucracy, Balázs Orbán writes.

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